Financial aid, scholarships and grants for college students

How to apply for financial aid

If you're planning to attend college or higher education, the first and most important thing you should do is to apply for financial aid to see if you qualify to receive free education money from the government. College tuitions are so high these days, it is so difficult to attend college without any types of student aid from the government. The FAFSA is the one you should apply for and be sure to apply it well before school starts in the beginning of the year. You should be able to get the FAFSA application and financial aid information from your school's financial aid office.

After you submitted the FAFSA application, you'll receive a notice on whether you're qualified for any student aid: grants, low interest loans or work study programs. If you want additional information about FAFSA/federal financial aid, you can visit
FAFSA's official website.

Financial Aid
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Financial aid and college planning

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